Who We Are?

Momo Nation Cafe

Who we are?

Momo Nation Café is a rapidly growing Fast Food Franchise chain with focus on serving best quality food at affordable price. Started in October 2016 in Delhi, Momo Nation Café have marked its presence in Haryana, Maharashtra, U.P, Bihar, Rajasthan, J&K, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and many more outlets to come nationwide.
At Momo Nation Café, we serve exotic recipes from our family kitchen and get them timely refined by acclaimed Chefs
Momo Nation Café us profoundly known as one of the top leagues in serving mouth watering cuisine by blending skills, efficiency and dedication for the taste and quality.
Signature dishes are both tasty and pocket friendly. The blend of spice in MNC has brought new flavor dimension to our dishes which were only a legacy of 5 Star restaurants some time ago.
Our specialty lies in serving over Fifty variety of Veg and Non-Veg Momos, Chinese Food, Tandoori Chaaps, Dry Snacks, Burgers and much more. Our outlets are designed in a way to create a cozy environment so as to deliver best experience to our customers. MNC aims to become one stop destination for all Momo Lovers.
We have been successful in changing the perception of Customers about traditional Momos- All with different taste, to satisfy all taste buds!
We believe in using highest quality raw materials which are personally sourced by our experienced purchase team.
At MNC we expect ourselves to do ethically inclined business to set up an example for us and for others.

about us
about us

Our Philosophy

You are what you eat

Battle For Food Candor

We also stand on the front when it comes to changing the food standards so that we can offer the best.

Freshness Intact

MNC always insists on serving the fresh, coming out of the kitchen "sizzling hot".

Great Food is Platform of Relationships

MNC serves great food on platter, which in turn builds huge LOYAL customer base.

Employees are Family

People working with us are not just workforce, they are Team MNC.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MNC always stands up for the right and always strongly condemns the wrong.

Clear Business Connection

MNC downloads transparent business terms and conditions to all prospects and Franchise partners.

What always stand tall in


  • Clear Aim

    To become one of the most commendable and profitable QSR franchise chains in the country.

  • Unbeatable Quality

    To offer good quality, sumptuous, mouth watering, innovative food at competitive pricing.

  • Incumbency

    To be responsible, respectful and accountable for our deeds as a business entity.

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